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Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 Unable To Update


SEP Daily Status report does not show correct number of computers Fix ID: 3640666 Symptom: The Daily/Weekly Scheduled Risk Reports display inconsistent computer counts. After upgrading SEPM to 12.1 RU5, 32-bit virus definitions do not update Fix ID: 3671931 Symptom: After a Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager upgrade to 12.1 RU5, the 32-bit Virus and Spyware On a German OS, Quick Reports "Current Month" Time Range calculation incorrect for most 31 day months Fix ID: 3622865 Symptom: On a German language OS, the Quick Reports "Current Month" The firewall state table clears unexpectedly. have a peek here

The SQL user domain account does not have local logon user rights in the GPO, so BCP expectedly fails. The installation starts automatically on the client computers and takes several minutes to complete. If an issue is found, the installation pauses with an alert. When attempting to restore quarantined files, Central Quarantine Server (QServer) hangs Fix ID: 3672057 Symptom: When attempting to restore quarantined files, Central Quarantine Server hangs, and the restore never finishes.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Liveupdate Not Updating Virus Definitions

The installation should succeed even when no users are logged on to their computers. Create a SymAccount now!' The Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager does not update virus definitions successfully through LiveUpdate TECH183178 August 14th, 2014 Support / The Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager does not Mac Host Integrity content 12.1 does not include RU4 version of SEP client for Mac Fix ID: 3501169 Symptom: Host Integrity content did not update to include Symantec Endpoint Protection Mac SEP clients try to reach Download Insight website directly Fix ID: 3611350 Symptom: A Symantec Endpoint Protection component tries to connect to the external Symantec URL for Download Insight, ignoring proxy

SEPM cannot push client package to itself with the Client Deployment Wizard Fix ID: 3626587 Symptom: On Windows servers, a local push deployment with the Client Deployment Wizard (CDW) in Symantec Macs experiencing high CPU usage for SymDaemon Fix ID: 3605884 Symptom: High CPU usage in SymDaemon causes the whole system to slow down. Solution: File Reputation Lookup Alert notifications are now created correctly and generate the expected email report. Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 Not Updating Virus Definitions On Client Solution: Removed the logic of checking default data folder first, and added logic to check the existence of the current data path only before sending client data to Symantec Endpoint Protection

Discrepancy on the SEPM Home Page Endpoint Status report for limited administrators Fix ID: 3628312 Symptom: Limited administrators see a discrepancy in the information displayed on the Home page and the Solution: Corrected the logon parameter so that the push install can succeed with the Client Deployment Wizard. File server does not respond because SRTSP64.SYS causes a deadlock Fix ID: 3595012, 3600591 Symptom: Deadlocks may occur on a 64-bit computer during Auto-Protect file read operations. NIC driver issues after using Cleanwipe Fix ID: 3611336 Symptom: When you run the latest version of Cleanwipe while logged on with a user account that is a member of two

This message appears when the Symantec Endpoint Protection client attempts to upgrade to the same version that the client already has, or to an earlier version. 12.1.6 Mp4 Fixes And Features This situation occurs when a particular scheduled scan launches when the user was logged out. SMC service does not start due to serdef.dat corruption Fix ID: 3711180 Symptom: SMC service cannot start because the server profile file (serdef.dat) is corrupted. Solution: Optimized the index rebuild process during the upgrade.

12.1.6 Fixes And Features

The Client Deployment wizard starts. Go Here GUP fails to retrieve content from SEPM with error: “GUProxy - not enough memory” Fix ID: 3652490 Symptom: The Symantec Endpoint Protection client cannot download the full definition contents ( when Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Liveupdate Not Updating Virus Definitions Solution: Configured client to use the randomization setting if we missed the first heartbeat for downloading the content. New Fixes And Component Versions In Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 Mp5 Solution: Added a check to review domain policies during an installation or an upgrade, and alerts users to add our accounts to their domain policies.

Solution: Compared the registry string lengths to make sure the string search does not overrun the boundary. navigate here IIS Service error during SEPM repair after removing IIS Fix ID: 3661647 Symptom: You upgrade Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager from 11.0, then repair the installation. Symantec Workflow interaction with SEPM incorrectly results in a security breach email in RU5 Fix ID: 3660089 Symptom: When using Symantec Workflow to interact with Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, the logout The computer user does not need to begin the installation or to have administrator privileges. Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 Admin Guide

Translated Content This is machine translated content Login to Subscribe Please login to set up your subscription. Solution: Added code to update the CIDS opstate cache when the CIDS opstate cache is not initialized. Unable to delete Client Install Settings from Admin page Fix ID: 3669194 Symptom: Unable to delete any Client Install Settings through the Admin page if the setting was previously applied to Check This Out Thank you for your feedback!

Firewall rules incorrectly block an established connection when the screensaver activates Fix ID: 3686164 Symptom: Firewall rules incorrectly block an established connection when the screensaver activates. Failed To Connect To The Liveupdate Server SMC commands do not set proper return code in %errorlevel% Fix ID: 3387362 Symptom: SMC commands do not return any error codes if the operation fails. Troubleshooting Remote push fails If Remote Push is unable to push the installation package to the client computer, verify that you have adequately prepared the client computer for remote deployment.

The first retrieval gets all the objects used in the database.

The umlaut is missing above the letter "a" in "ändern". Application installation fails from a network location on Windows XP computers that run 12.1 RU5 Fix ID: 3660859 Symptom: Beginning with Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.5, some applications that are installed or Move the .jdb file previously downloaded into this folder (or the relevant folder forthe installation) C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\data\inbox\content\incoming File will be processed, and within a few minutes virus definitions How To Clear Out Definitions For A Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 Client Manually Most common reasons for update failure: Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager definitions are corrupted; LiveUpdate is unable to access / read the LiveUpdate catalogue file; An incorrect or incompatible LiveUpdate client version

SEPM stops replicating with an error when a file named "Program" is located at the root of the SEPM install drive Fix ID: 3641315 Symptom: When an executable path contain spaces Auto-refresh of the scan logs page in SEPM does not display updated information Fix ID: 3684332 Symptom: Although the scan logs in Monitors > Logs appear to auto-refresh based on the Solution: Added a fallback mechanism to load the server profile from a backup profile file. When you click that option, the resulting window has the same spelling error.

Solution: Corrected the logic to exit the deployment entities loop after deleting an entry. However, if uninstallation requires a password on the client, the change to the feature set fails. When IE launches by other methods, Application and Device Control blocks it. SEP client installer rolls back and fails Fix ID: 3709190 Symptom: The Symantec Endpoint Protection client installer rolls back and fails, due to a failure to migrate the ProfileManagement.dat file.