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The Server Extensions Were Unable To Access The File Roles.ini

Select Yes when you see the prompt: Do you want to tighten security as much as possible? Granting Log On Locally Rights This section tells you how to grant users rights to Log on locally or how to verify that a user has Log on locally rights. One for Apache 2 and one for the command line interface. This component sends the information on the form to the author.) This setting is equivalent to the MailSender setting in Microsoft® FrontPage® 98, but is now stored in the registry instead have a peek here

Normally IUSR_computername is granted Read and Execute permission from the top of the document tree. Following these steps to clear the cache seems to have cured the problems. The update | > won't install on either the server or workstation. This property may not exist for this object, or may not be retrievable due to insufficient access rights.  (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo) **************** Fix: Run the query “sp_helpdb” and you will getting the output

The following database user roles are supported: Read and Write (used by default), Read Only, and Write Only. See ASP.NET Ajax CDN Terms of Use – ]]> Help Register Log in Remember Me? If the IUSR_computername account is a member of the Administrators group, remove it from the group. To do this: In the IIS snap-in, right-click the root web for which you want to make folders executable.

For Windows NT 4.0, click Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack, Microsoft Internet Information Server, and then click Internet Service Manager. The role of such database users will automatically change to Custom. For example, say the file is called Test.htm, and suppose you receive one of the following errors: Cannot open file "Test.htm" Cannot rename file "Test.htm" Cannot save file "Test.htm" To eliminate deployment), is actually loaded.

Discuss general questions on the Plesk forum. Make sure you’re on the Virtual Directory tab and select Configuration. I'm not so sure it's | > an issue on the workstation since the errors occur on the server side. | > Running W2K3 Standard w/SP1 ; FWIW, the server is Cannot Access a Web Site These steps are for a user who cannot access a web even though FrontPage says that the user has permission.

If you are asked to tighten security as much as possible, select Yes. If you've been running a previous version of the FrontPage Server Extensions, you'll see that the FrontPage snap-in replaces and significantly improves upon the Fpsrvwin utility. Scenario 2 After filling out a form, the client receives a confirmation, but the form isn't sent. The cause of the problem can range from accidentally deleting or renaming essential files to corrupting Windows 2000 DACLs (or Windows NT 4.0 ACLs).

There is no danger of FrontPage overwriting NTFS permissions. Rate this:Share this:ShareLinkedInGoogleFacebookLike this:Like Loading... Follow the next procedure if the IUSR_computername account can still open the Web site. Checks that the IUSR_computername account doesn't have Write access.

He has no official involvement in FrontPage, but still has a fond place for it in his heart. The selected web will be checked and fixed, as well as all subwebs below it. Out of which, App server and 1 WFE server started to work but 1 WFE server still giving problem. If Basic authentication has been set, the author must have the right to log on locally and may have to enter domainname\username rather than just username when prompted.

Because the _vti directories contain server specific information, transferring them from one server to another by copying or replicating content means that you have moved the configuration information from one server How to Deny a Privilege for all Users You might need to deny a certain privilege for all database users, for example, the Delete privilege. LOG: Attempting download of new URL file:///C:/Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/web server extensions/12/BIN/Nintex.Charting.DLL. Look for patterns using the timestamps.

The one way to distinguish is to look for the line "LOG: GAC Lookup was unsuccessful." if it is not there then it was (probably) found in the GAC and a Resetting Permissions on a Virtual Server This section contains two sets of procedures for fixing permissions on an entire server without losing any custom permissions that have been set in each To run this command: On the Windows Taskbar select Start, and click Programs.

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Reply Pingback: Fusion Logging « Sladescross's Blog Joe says: 06 Mar 2010 at 19:14 This was brilliant, thank you. Note: The snap-in is available with Windows NT 4.0 and IIS 4.0 as well as with Windows 2000 and IIS 5.0. the content of the cache file is not identically to it's value before processing." -ForegroundColor Red write-host "Old: $($a)" write-host "New: $($b)" } else { write-host "MAYBE an error occured. In addition to the download site, you'll find tutorials, white papers, and other useful information about FrontPage and FrontPage Server Extensions.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to turn off anonymous browsing in IIS, and follow the steps in "Resetting Permissions in a Subweb" later in this article. After making the appropriate change, reactivate anonymous browsing through the FrontPage client, so that FrontPage will put IUSR_computername only where it has to be, and with the tightest possible security. If the configuration information no longer applies, FrontPage will not work. this contact form If you want one, create it.

Click Apply. Before trying to edit the permissions directly, run the FrontPage command Check Server Extensions, which will reset the permissions on the files in the _private directory. If you had to turn off anonymous browsing, turn it back on. You should select default encoding to let FrontPage detect the correct encoding for you.

Privilege Read and Write Read Only Write Only Select + + - Insert + - + Update + - + Delete + - + Create + - + Drop + - Please direct your system administrator or Internet Service Provider to follow the instructions at "Setting Up Your E-mail Transport" in the \SERK\enu\admin.htm file on the FrontPage CD-ROM. To find your PHP version tap: php -v You just need to take the first 2 digit ( 5.6 in my case, so i need to take the file "" ).Now Require SSL for authoring.