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Legal Aid NSW brochures Is someone asking the court to makean AVO against you? Pleading not guilty You can tell the court you did not commit the offences the police have charged you with—this is called pleading not guilty. Smoking is not allowed inside the Law Courts Complex. As a member of the Queensland public, you are encouraged to see how it works. weblink

You will need to provide a medical certificate if you are sick, or other proof of your reasons for not attending. When you arrive at the courtroom, an appearance slip, usually found outside the court room, must be completed in triplicate. The police will present their case first. You'll then be given a new date to come to court for a hearing.

Qld Magistrates Court Rules

Turn off your mobile phone. If you complete these programs the magistrate will take that into account when deciding what penalty to give you. You can get more information at their website: If you are unable to pay the fine, you may be able to apply for a Work and Development Order (WDO). Very useful Somewhat useful Not very useful Other feedback Site footer Copyright Disclaimer Privacy Right to information Accessibility Jobs in Queensland Government Other languages © Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal 2011-12.

You will then be given a date for hearing. If the magistrate gives you an adjournment, you’ll be given a new court date. If you cannot pay within the set time, you can make an application to pay by instalments. Notice To Appear Qld If you fear for your safety or your family's safety, you should call the local police station immediately so action can be taken.Support for witnesses and victims going to courtThe court

No conviction or penalty Sometimes if the offence is very minor and you have previously been of good character the Magistrate may decide not to record a conviction or give you Contempt Of Court Qld Penalty If you are given a suspended sentence you will be placed on a bond, called a section 12 bond. If you agree to a statement of a witness being given to the magistrate then you will not have the chance to ask the witness any questions and the Magistrate may When do appeal hearings take place?

The judges’ associates sit in front of the judges and provide clerical assistance to the court. Valid Reasons For Not Attending Court They will be written on the bond by the court staff. It is very important to make sure that you understand what you must do if you are given any of these penalties. All criminal cases for people who are 17 and older start in the Magistrates Court.

Contempt Of Court Qld Penalty

Go and speak to the court staff before you leave. Whether you see the duty lawyer at the Court or at a Legal Aid NSW office, the duty lawyer will tell you whether you are eligible for a grant of legal Qld Magistrates Court Rules I just wanted to check that this information is correct or what other options I have considering I am unable to attend court at this stage. How To Get A Court Case Adjourned This paperwork will say which Magistrates Court you have to go to and when you have to go.

Yes. have a peek at these guys Information, support and advice are available to help you throughout the legal process.Victim Assist QueenslandYou can get support and advice from Victim Assist Queensland by calling 1300 546 587. Legislation Location of service What happens after the court hearing? Important: If you are charged with an offence, you should askpolice prosecutionsfor a copy of your Queensland Police form 9 (QP9)—this is a written summary prepared by the police of the Unable To Attend Court Hearing Letter

The hearing details, including the judges’ details, are: published in the Law List in the Courier Mail newspaper on the day of the hearing published in the Law Liston thewebsite after You should contact the Legal Aid NSW office closest to the Court that you must attend before your court date. This is a very important practical step you can take to prepare for your court appearance. check over here available from the registry on the afternoon before to the hearing.

Having a protection order made against you Court process for respondents Hide your visit Domestic and Family Violence Protection Rules 2014 Queensland Courts response to domestic violence Domestic violence specialist court 5 Considerations A Magistrate Can Take Into Account When Determining An Appropriate Penalty The first questions you are likely to be asked are: Are you ..........? (your name) Do you have a lawyer representing you? If you don’t have a lawyer, ask the Magistrate or court staff to explain the penalty to you.

Contact them to find out if they can help.

Instead of giving you a penalty straightaway, the Magistrate may let you go to a program to help you fix problems that are getting you into trouble. Arriving at court When arriving at court you should: See staff at the counter and: tell them your name ask for an interpreter (if you need one) find out which courtroom If a respondent does not appear the matter may be heard in that person’s absence. Does A Witness Have To Attend Court Local Courts are able to deal with a wide range of criminal and traffic cases.

In some cases, such as AVO hearings, the matter could be decided in your absence, and you will miss out on the opportunity to present your defence. You should read the QP9 (the police’s version of events). There are notice boards and television screens in courthouse foyers telling you in which court cases are being heard and when. If the Magistrate is considering a serious penalty or wants further information, you may be referred to the Probation and Parole Service to get a presentence report (PSR).

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Where can I get refreshments and are there breaks throughout the appeal hearing?

MERIT (Magistrates Early Referral Into Treatment) Offenders withdrug problems may apply. Speak to your lawyer or the court staff if you are not sure what you need to do. A bailiff or court orderly may also be present in the court room. If you are not sure where to stand when you enter the courtroom ask the court officer to show you.

They can explain the legal process and help you prepare for your appearance in court.Find out more about support for victims and witnesses of crime.Relationships AustraliaFree support and counselling is available Generally they will be accommodating in a case like this. The judges sit at the high bench at the front of the court room and control the hearing and the court room. You can help reduce delays caused by security checks by thinking about the items you carry.