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The default of 60 is appropriate for most # situations. Did you manually try twice? Stan Thread view [Apcupsd-users] apcupsd doesn't shutdown UPS -- why? Thanks Last edited by sirpimpsalot; 06-22-2004 at 01:43 PM. Check This Out

Then "kill PID"(the one you found out above) schould do the trick. How can I >>>> determine if apcupsd has been started correctly on Mepis ? >>> Edward, from the times listed I suspect your startup script for APCUPSD >>> is starting it Then copy the contents of /usr/lib/cgi-bin/apcuspd/ to /etc/apcupsd/: sudo cp /usr/lib/cgi-bin/apcupsd/*.cgi /etc/apcupsd/ Now log into webmin from your browser, usually https://localhost:10000. now displays...


comment out the wall.

# Note: BATTERYLEVEL, MINUTES, and TIMEOUT work in conjunction, so
# the first that occurs will cause the initation of a shutdown.
try twice? UPS running on mains. > > Why is my old renamed file updating?

When the file grows beyond this limit, older EVENTS will
# be removed from the beginning of the file (first in first out). Nothing fancy either. Yes. A lock file is there.

jonr View Public Profile View LQ Blog View Review Entries View HCL Entries Find More Posts by jonr 11-18-2012, 12:24 PM #7 javipod LQ Newbie Registered: Nov 2012 Posts: Cannot Init Usb Hid Report. Err=bad File Descriptor Mepis 6.0 uses Ubuntu as its base >>>>>> distro. NISPORT 3551 # # If you want the last few EVENTS to be available over the network # by the network information server, you must define an EVENTSFILE. What the heck?

For now just restart apcupsd. --Adam Re: [Apcupsd-users] Valid lock file for pid=14367, but not ours pid=17728? Arguably apcupsd could be changed to open/close the file each time it writes to it, or to respond to SIGHUP by closing/opening the file as apache and other daemons do. Installation When using systemd This example assumes you are using a APC Smart-UPS 750 via USB. seawolf Torna su Vai giù Rispondi citando Re: UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply da Janvitus » mercoled√¨ 7 giugno 2006, 0:08 Sicuramente ce ne sono altri, ma che conosco sicuramente

Cannot Init Usb Hid Report. Err=bad File Descriptor

Renaming a file won't change the actual file handle some running process is making use of. >> For now just restart apcupsd. > > # /etc/init.d/apcupsd stop > Stopping APC UPS Ultima modifica di Seawolf il domenica 15 luglio 2007, 6:15, modificato 1 volta in totale. Apcupsd-cgi For
# other UPS types, you must specify an appropriate port or address.
# UPSTYPE DEVICE Description
# apcsmart /dev/tty** Newer serial character device,

This is for use on systems # where apcupsd cannot regain control after a shutdown. # KILLDELAY 0 disables KILLDELAY 0 # # # ==== Configuration statements the network information That way, you UPS will continue # on batteries until either the % charge remaing drops to or below BATTERYLEVEL, # or the remaining battery runtime drops to or below MINUTES. Ho anche un'altra domanda: funzionano anche come stabilizzatori di tensione? There are many variants on startup procedures in the 'ix world.

The instructions on what to look for in the "Make sure >>> apcupsd is Running" section did not at all correspond to much of >>> anything in Mepis 6.0. E naturalmente dev'essere pienamente compatibile e configurabile con linux. UPSTYPE usb # # #DEVICE /dev/ # name of your UPS device # # Here a table of the possible devices related with the UPS drivers. # # Driver this contact form Getting UPS capabilities...SUCCESS Please select the function you want to perform. 1) Test kill UPS power 2) Perform self-test 3) Read last self-test result 4) View/Change battery date 5) View manufacturing

Some representative values are:
# D 127 130 133 136
# M 229 234 239 224
# A 108 110 112 114
# I 253 257 261 The directory exists. Patientia sit virtus.

UPS running on mains. > Sun Jun 25 06:55:51 PDT 2006 Power failure. > Sun Jun 25 06:55:56 PDT 2006 Power is back.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy or Contact Us for more details You seem to have CSS turned off. sirpimpsalot View Public Profile View LQ Blog View Review Entries View HCL Entries Find More Posts by sirpimpsalot 07-15-2004, 03:47 AM #2 imark LQ Newbie Registered: Jul 2004 Posts: If you just stopped it, please wait about 5 seconds for it to shut down. Do I need to update to a later version manually, or is there a way to fix this version ?

The system shuts down, but the UPS doesn't, > and then > the system won't restart unattended when the power comes back on. > > First, here's the setup: > > This is applicable to BOTH master/slave and client/server
# (NIS) networking.

# Remaining items are for Master/Slave networking ONLY

# UPSCLASS [ standalone | shareslave On OS X take a look at man SystemStarter what you will need is sudo SystemStarter restart "APC UPS monitor" However, Apple appears to be moving toward replacing SystemStarter (and cron) navigate here I've combed through the Shutdown Sequence section carefully ( but don't find more clarity or clues.

The echoed text isn't saved in /var/log/messages or /var/log/daemon.log, and dmesg rewrites during subsequent manual bootup. Plugging the UPS back into the wall doesn't restart the box. The messages there >>>> read: >>>> >>>> Fri Dec 22 21:21:01 EST 2006 apcupsd 3.12.1 (06 January 2006) debian >>>> startup succeededo >>> Apcupsd successfully started here. >>> >>>> Fri Dec I even tried just commenting the lockfile entry out.

How can I >> determine if apcupsd has been started correctly on Mepis ? > > Edward, from the times listed I suspect your startup script for APCUPSD > is starting Of course, # if you are testing, setting this to 60 causes a quick system shutdown # if you pull the power plug. # If you have an older dumb UPS, Not used on Win32. This is how unix files work.

I've checked that none of the factors you mention pertain. Re: [Apcupsd-users] Starting apcupsd on Mepis 6.0 From: jdow <[email protected]..> - 2006-12-25 04:49:15 From: "Edward Diener" > jdow wrote: >> From: "Edward Diener" >> >>> Adam Kropelin wrote: >>>> the slaves get their info # concerning the UPS via the ethernet. # # UPSCLASS [ standalone | shareslave | sharemaster | netslave | netmaster ] # normally standalone unless you All Rights Reserved.

Yes, that is correct. Attached to driver: apcsmart sharenet.type = DISABLE cable.type = APC_940_0095A (smart) You are using a SMART cable type, so I'm entering SMART test mode mode.type = APCSMART_UPS Setting up the port Any Ideas? From: Phillip Pi - 2006-06-25 00:02:21 Hello, I can't figure out who else is using the file to log data: # cat /var/log/ Mon May 29 13:40:40 PDT 2006 Valid

[email protected]:~$ sudo service apctest stop apctest: unrecognized service [email protected]:~$ sudo apctest 2011-02-02 22:58:56 apctest 3.14.4 (18 May 2008) debian Checking configuration ... I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time. Anche quelli off-line vanno bene o scattano troppo tardi? Sat Jun 24 16:40:21 PDT 2006 Power failure.

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