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Sudo Unable To Dlopen /usr/local/libexec/sudoers. On Solaris


This flag is on by default. If the visiblepw flag is set, sudo will prompt for a password even when it would be visible on the screen. Go to Solution. The netmask may be specified either in standard IP address notation (e.g. or ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff::), or CIDR notation (number of bits, e.g. 24 or 64). Source

Host_List ::= Host | Host ',' Host_List Host ::= '!'* host name | '!'* ip_addr | '!'* network(/netmask)? | '!'* +netgroup | '!'* Host_AliasA Host_List is made up of one or Negate this option or set it to 0777 to preserve the user's umask. group_plugin A string containing a sudoers group plugin with optional arguments. Since it is not possible to blacklist all potentiallydangerous environment variables, use of the default env_reset behavior isencouraged.

Sudo: Fatal Error, Unable To Load Plugins

If both Runas_Lists are specified, the command may be run with any combination of users and groups listed in their respective Runas_Lists. We can extend this to allow dgb to run /bin/ls with either the user or group set to operator: dgb boulder = (operator : operator) /bin/ls, (root) /bin/kill,\ /usr/bin/lprm Note that This flag is on by default when sudo is compiled with zlib support. I've done an internet search and found an interesting article "When should I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH?" ( [find here|] ).

mailto' Address to send warning and error mail to. The timeout may include a fractional component if minute granularity is insufficient, for example 2.5. Defaults to root. The real and effective group IDs, however, are still set to match the target user.

Defaults to ''C''. In a busy system with multiple admins, this may make it harder to track who did what. If no value is specified, a value of all is implied. more info here Cmnd_List ::= Cmnd | Cmnd ',' Cmnd_List command name ::= file name | file name args | file name '""' Cmnd ::= '!'* command name | '!'* directory | '!'* "sudoedit"

The default is ''%{seq}''. That makes no difference (and I had already tried that). –Ross McDonald May 26 '12 at 13:00 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote how did you install it? The actual umask that is used will be the union of the user's umask and the value of the umask option, which defaults to 0022. When pwfeedback is set, sudo will provide visual feedback when the user presses a key.

Sudo: No Valid Sudoers Sources Found, Quitting

As such, only trusted users should be allowed to set variables in this manner. Hi,I have installed the sudo binary depot version 1.8.5p3 on HP-UX 11.31 itanium server. Sudo: Fatal Error, Unable To Load Plugins If, however, the env_reset option is disabled, any variables notexplicitly denied by the env_check and env_delete options are inheritedfrom the invoking process. All other environment variables are removed.

This flag is on by default. this contact form runasgroup' The group the command was run as if one was specified on the command line. umask_override' If set, sudo will set the umask as specified by sudoers without modification. utmp_runas' If set, sudo will store the name of the runas user when updating the utmp (or utmpx) file.

unable to open/read /etc/sudoers The sudoers file could not be opened for reading. timestamp owner (username): No such user The time stamp directory owner, as specified by the timestampowner setting, could not be found in the password database. This is to make a path like: /usr/bin/*match /usr/bin/who but not /usr/bin/X11/xterm. have a peek here user NOT authorized on host The user is listed in the sudoers file but is not allowed to run commands on the host.

The basic structure of a user specification is ''who where = (as_whom) what''. Wildcards in command line arguments should be used with care. Negating the option results in a value of never being used.

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This is not part of Solaris so it is installed in /usr/local/lib. Note that if the env_reset option has not been disabled, entries in the env_keep list will override the value of set_logname. Each production rule references others and thus makes up a grammar for the language. never Never lecture the user.

This value is used to decide when to wrap lines for nicer log files. If the first Runas_List is empty but the second is specified, the command may be run as the invoking user with the group set to any listed in the Runas_List. Entries in this file should either be of the form ''VARIABLE=value'' or ''export VARIABLE=value''. Check This Out It should be specified as a numeric group ID.

This flag is off by default. passprompt_override The password prompt specified by passprompt will normally only be used if the password prompt provided by systems such as PAM matches the string ''Password:''. For example, while a sudoers entry like: %operator ALL = /bin/cat /var/log/messages*will allow command like: $ sudo cat /var/log/messages.1It will also allow: $ sudo cat /var/log/messages /etc/shadowwhich is probably not what sudoers can log both successful and unsuccessful attempts (as well aserrors) to syslog(3), a log file, or both.

The fast_glob option causes sudo to use the fnmatch(3) function, which does not access the file system to do its matching. sorry, you are not allowed to set the following environment variables The user specified environment variables on the command line that were not allowed by sudoers. This effectively means that the -H option is always implied. POSIX character classes may also be used if your system's glob(3) and fnmatch(3) functions support them.

Note that HOME is already set when the the env_reset option is enabled, so set_home is only effective for configurations where either env_reset is disabled or HOME is present in the The list ofenvironment variables that sudo allows or denies is contained in theoutput of ''sudo -V'' when run as root. In this example: alan ALL = (root, bin : operator, system) ALLuser alan may run any command as either user root or bin, optionally setting the group to operator or system. unable to write to /var/db/sudo/username/ttyname sudoers was unable to write to the user's time stamp file.

shell_noargs' If set and sudo is invoked with no arguments it acts as if the -s option had been given. Do this (as root): # chown root /usr/bin/sudo # chmod u+xs /usr/bin/sudo share|improve this answer answered May 26 '12 at 4:31 Andrew Schleifer 1914 I may be wrong but Negating the option results in a value of never being used.