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Unable To Build Project To Obtain Api Information


That's one step done, on to the next. The author of the tool, for varying reasons, stopped maintaining the project, and that was the end of it. An ellipsis (...) button should appear—click it. See the HTML Help MSDN page for more information and a download link. this content

If you can e-mail me a small example that isn't working, I'll look into it. If not needed, delete the environment variables. At this point, the tour of the code documenting process is complete. Then it will work.

Shfbproj Visual Studio 2015

That would get rid of the need to load the reflection file in SHFB after applying the doc model transformation. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Thank you for offering to fix your package but as far as i am concerned my problem is solved.

Run the following command: %SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\csc.exe /target:library /doc:Guy.xml Guy.cs Here's what it should look like (I saved my Guy.cs file in c:\temp\Guy): When you ran csc.exe, it created two files: Guy.dll (the Things to consider: Longer term, investigate the possibility of having BuildAssembler build topics in parallel. if(cboAssembly.SelectedIndex != 0) { name = nsi.Name; if(name[0] == '(') name = String.Empty; if(namespaceInfo.TryGetValue(name, out assemblies)) if(!assemblies.Contains(cboAssembly.Text)) continue; } // Filter by search text? How To Open Shfbproj Reload to refresh your session.

For large projects, turning this option off may help speed up compilation.To generate an XML documentation file for a Visual Basic projectWith a project selected in Solution Explorer, on the Project Shfbproj Is Not Supported Notice how the Guy class uses string and Console? Open up Guy.cs in Notepad and make the following changes. Note: Make sure you specify the correct path!

Build started 4/1/2011 12:52:42 PM. Visual Studio Sandcastle But the easiest way that I've found is to use Sandcastle. A spinoff called NDoc 2005 appears to have been abandoned some time ago. When Sandcastle creates documentation from an assembly, it needs to find at least one namespace that contains at least one public class in it.

Shfbproj Is Not Supported

You can review it to see what happens during a generation process; it is also a good place to look if errors occur during a documentation run. this If possible, update the Sandcastle tools and build scripts to utilize a modified version of the presentation style definition file. Shfbproj Visual Studio 2015 I briefly discussed NDoc, and dismissed it as an option that is outdated and is not being maintained. Shfbproj Visual Studio 2013 Contains more detail, but the process is still daunting.

We'll ignore it if the temporary files cannot be deleted. } tempProject.Dispose(); tempProject = null; } } ///

/// Store the changes and close the dialog box /// /// news Here's what the new SHFB project should look like: Next you need to tell SHFB where to find the DLL and XML file that Sandcastle will use to generate the documentation. I googled the solution but no clue. Stay tuned. Shfb Visual Studio Extension Package

Here's what it looked like when I ran it: And it generated exactly the same documentation. This is the only class-level documentation. ///

/// Defines a base implementation for the interface. Fix this by going back to the Project Properties page and changing the Help Title property. By Andrew Stellman in reply to comment from Seungweon Park on April 2, 2011 9:19 AM When you see errors like this: Project file contains ToolsVersion="4.0", which is not supported by

foreach(XPathNavigator container in navDoc.Select( "reflection/apis/api[starts-with(@id, 'T:')]/containers")) { navNamespace = container.SelectSingleNode("namespace"); navLibrary = container.SelectSingleNode("library"); if(navNamespace != null && navLibrary != null) { nsName = navNamespace.GetAttribute("api", String.Empty).Substring(2); asmName = navLibrary.GetAttribute("assembly", String.Empty); if(namespaceInfo.TryGetValue(nsName, out Shfbproj Visual Studio 2012 Here's how to run it: %SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\csc.exe If you get a "The system cannot find the path specified" error, replace v4.0.30319 with v3.5 in the command line. So you may need to execute the three set commands again (the same ones you ran before running SHFB) if those variables aren't already set.

Their installers add to the Program Files folder: Sandcastle is found in, unsurprisingly, Sandcastle, and SHFB is in, surprisingly, EWSoftwareSandcastle Help File Builder.

I indicated earlier that Sandcastle supports various output formats. In the latter case, Sandcastle expects a compiler-generated XML documentation file in the same location to match the assembly. We'll ignore it if the temporary files cannot be deleted. } tempProject.Dispose(); tempProject = null; } GC.Collect(2); GC.WaitForPendingFinalizers(); GC.Collect(2); } ///

/// Store the changes and close the dialog box Nuget Sandcastle Did get a warning (SHFB : warning BHT0001)?

But before you can use it, you need to install the Html Help 1.x SDK. And if you don't set the DXROOT variable, SHFB won't be able to find Sandcastle. Step 4: Set up the Sandcastle Help File Builder project To run Sandcastle Help File Builder, you just need to set a few variables and then run SandcasteBuilderGUI. check my blog My e-mail address is in the About box in the standalone GUI and in the footer of the pages in the help file.

If misspelled, correct the spelling either on the command line if doing a command line build or in the project's documentation source entry in the Configuration and Platform property settings.If a Bueller?) will understand that I prefer to keep my build-related tools in source control, close to the code that they are intended to be used with. Aside from the comment indicators, the tags used and the generation process remain the same between languages; I'll be using C# for code samples. There are lots of ways to create HTML documentation.

In what spot would the new Star Wars movie "Rogue One" go in the Machete Order? foreach(string ns in namespaceInfo.Keys) { nsName = (ns.Length == 0) ? "(global)" : ns; if(!namespaceItems.ContainsKey(nsName)) namespaceItems.Add(ns, nsColl.CreateTemporaryItem(ns)); // Sort the assemblies for each namespace assemblies = namespaceInfo[ns]; assemblies.Sort(); } Application.DoEvents(); // Reload to refresh your session. In the project files, all of the XML Documentation path is set to "......\doc\MyProject.XML" but instead shfb looks for "......\bin\Release\MyProject.XML".

The output path of the project is "......\bin\Release\" though. SHFB is built on .NET 3.5, and must use that version of MSBuild to run. You should see this: [Missing

documentation for "M:GuyTest.Guy.ToString"] That's what Sandcastle generates when it can't find documentation. Like most software, an 80/20 rule applies to Sandcastle: 80% of the users only need to use 20% of its features.