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Unable To Access Borland Database Engine Directory Is Busy


Assembly Load Trace: The following information can be helpful to determine why the assembly 'CDN.GetPublished, Version=1.0.4649.35951, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' could not be loaded.

 WRN: Assembly binding logging is turned OFF. Start the BDECFG32 program located in Program Files\Borland\Common Files\BDE. Paradox tables now offer descending secondary indexes and unique secondary indexes. To connect to a remote firebird server, you MUST include the drive letter after the computer name. this contact form 

Engine version different. $2F02 (12034) = Index is out of date. $2F03 (12035) = Older version (see context). $2F04 (12036) = .VAL file is out of date. $2F05 (12037) = BLOB Parameters with bold letters can not be changed. If the state of the record has not been changed, the old record is updated with the new values and the lock is released. When working with records from SQL tables, this is reversed.

Bde Administrator Windows 7 64 Bit

If one system has the database mapped to drive-p, then every computer with access to that database must also have it mapped to drive-p. Figure 1 - Creating an alias in the BDE configuration utility All other components are modifiable within the alias tab of the BDE Configuration Utility. The Data Source Name is the ODBC alias name that you create. A false value means that lock files are not written to the local hard disk.

Using ODBC drivers with the BDE involves adding the ODBC driver to Windows through the Windows control panel. In Windows Explorer, browse to the shared network directory.Open the directory and check for the two files 'Paradox.lck' and 'Pdoxusrs.lck'. Multiple .NET files in use This happens when a user attempts to access a table in a folder that has already been accessed by another user whose BDE session is controlled Pdoxusrs.lck Location The default is 48.

Also run the TUtility program to test for table validity. Directory Is Controlled By Other .net File Below are some of the more general question and excerpts from these documents. A benefit to using aliases is that when porting an application to another location, it will not mean recoding every reference to an object on disk. Problem #1 The application terminated abnormally and left .LCK and .NET files floating around.

The first time additional tables are accessed in the same folder, there is a more minor penalty as a section header is added to the .LCK file. Network Initialization Failed Windows 7 Since records are not locked and the saving of a record could fail, testing is done as the records are being saved, not as they are touched or locked. A section header is never deleted even after there are no longer any applications accessing the table. Solution #2 The NET DIR (in the BDECFG32 program) should be configured using the exact same path (only the drive letter may differ) to reference the NET DIR on all workstations.

Directory Is Controlled By Other .net File

Read Open, read Write Read, write Read Open Full All None None Locking and Locking Related Files for Paradox Tables In order to understand the BDE and how it manages Paradox NOTE: The '' file will recreate itself when the first user logs back in. Bde Administrator Windows 7 64 Bit Fortunately this process is extremely fast and the queuing rarely involves any kind of perceptible delay. Pdoxusrs.lck Download Re: tpsystools packages for CPB20075.

Cannot delete or modify $2607 (9735) Master table level is incorrect $2608 (9736) Field value out of lookup table range $2609 (9737) Lookup Table Open operation failed $260A (9738) Detail Table weblink Throughput on network lines will increase accordingly. Solution #1 Close all BDE applications and search for and delete the following files at the file server and all workstations: PDOXUSRS.NET, PDOXUSRS.LCK, PARADOX.LCK Problem #2 Multiple workstations accessing the same BDE Administrator | Paradox Databases | MS Access Databases | FoxPro Databases | Firebird Databases BDE Administrator There are several ways to run the BDE administrator From the Control Panel, double Bde Administrator Windows 10

With all these applications, I capture exception events and log them to my error reporting systems. Table of expressions Before continuing to discuss the BDE it will be useful to have a common vocabulary: File Server - A computer that runs software for a Local Area Network An example of an action that would require this kind of lock is a SQL update query or a QBE changeto query. It is important to understand that all other applications attempting to access a particular table will not be able to do so as long a section header has a FLOCK placed

This problem does not occur on Novell networks because the BDE makes Netware specific calls to recognize physical locations rather than just relying on the DOS path. Paradox Lck If other users are accessing tables it will be necessary for the BDE to create lock files. Paradox 3.5 and earlier versions all used a system of locking that is now obsolete.

Rather than creating individual record locks on all linked detail records, the BDE logs the linking value(s) of the master record in the sections of all detail tables.

Details on this process can be found in your Windows manual. BDE Error - Operation not applicable There are two possible causes:There are old *.lck files in the shared network directory. G:\PDOXNET is a folder on server "C". Borland Database Engine Windows 7 A name must be given to the driver.

For a while all sites are monitored successfully then all at once every site returns an exception: "Cannot Initialize the Borland Database engine". When building any BDE based application, it is always wise to use aliases when referencing an object on disk. Please make sure that the target system's IDAPI configuration file is located under the path specified in this value data, and that is not set to read-only or in any other his comment is here To check this, launch the machine's BDE Configuration program and open the IDAPI configuration file from the path as specified under the system's registry or Win.ini file.

Q: I got "Table locked/busy" and it's neither? If there exists no BDE on the target system, then InstallShield Express simply saves the Idapi32.cnf file to the default BDE directory as Idapi32.cfg. Performance Considerations based on .LCK and .NET locking Whenever a BDE application is first opened there is a performance hit that results from adding the user ID and session number to Placing the private folder on a file server will mean that all writing and reading of temporary files will have to be managed by the file server.

PARADOX.LCK Paradox for DOS version 4.0 introduced a new type of locking for Paradox tables. Saving your changes to a different filename lets you restore your original configuration when necessary. Figure 3 - An alias for an Interbase database. They are BSEC04.FAQ & BSEC05.FAQ.

It takes a snapshot of the record prior to its being modified. Property Value Comments Database Name This is the fully qualified *.mdb file My copy of Delphi 5 came with BDE administrator 5.01. By default the Local Share option on the System Tab of the BDE Configuration Utility is set to false. If the record lock cannot be placed, the modifications to the record will fail.

Do I have any control over this? There is not enough space on the disk. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070070) Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Lock Type Lock Holder's Guaranteed Privileges Other User's Privileges Locks Available to Other Users None None All All Open Read access.Write access possible if locks placed by other users are not This may not cure your problem since the BDE has other issues in Web apps but it is the first thing to try. -- Bill Todd (TeamB) {smallsort} 1.

To fix either, make sure all users, including yourself, are out of The database and Paradox. Larger block sizes result in superior performance for tables stored on local hard disks. It provides a ways to see the tables and fields, but does not provide a tab to configure the drivers. Remote tables - Tables that reside on a database server.